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Can you reverse Plantar Fasciitis?

The body is very adaptive and incredible at healing.

With good nutrition, sleep, exercise and good rehab

plan PF pain can be managed, reduced and


The injured/ degenerated tissue appears to have

limited reversibility, but the body is able to lay down

new collagen fibres around the injured tissue.

Initially it is important to off load the plantar fascia,

wearing an orthotic can help to do this, by changing

the forces through the plantar fascia. This gives the

irritated tissue time to calm down and become less

sensitive. It is shown in the research that there are

short term benefits to wearing an orthotic, but post 2

months pain often returns, so this should be looked

at as a short term brace to allow the healing process

to start.

During this stage it is important to improve the

tissue integrity and load tolerance of the plantar

fascia. This can be done by using the Plantar Pad.

The Plantar Pad lifts the toes in to “extension” then

when doing a heel raise this creates tension through

the plantar fascia, the rope is being pulled. This has

been shown to stimulate new tissue production and

allow new fibres to layer down in a good

architecture that will be able to take force.

Slowly building up the strength of this exercise is

important and shown to improve foot function and

reduce pain . You should not feel pain doing this

exercise and slowly increase the repetitions to 8

reps x 4 sets (3 sec to reach the top, 3 sec hold, 3

sec to return to neutral.. Once this becomes easier

look to put weight into a back pack and perform the

exercise. People often see great improvements at

the 2 month mark with this exercise, just as you’re

ready to come out of the insole.

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