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Combine Stretching With Your Load Strength Training

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

I've found through working with my patients that combining some stretching and global strengthening with my prescribed Plantar Pad load strength training has led to the most positive results.

I love using bands and this one is probably my favourite exercise...

Another stretch that I prescribe for my patients is this one.....

Sit with your foot on your opposite knee, bend the ankle and big toe up and hold for 45 seconds.

In between these stretches I throw in the strength training to apply some load to the plantar fascia and muscles of the foot and ankle...

Place the raised part of the Plantar Pad under your toes and place the ball of your foot on the flat surface. With support from a wall (if needed) push up to lift your heel, keeping the ball of the foot and toes pressed against the pad. Take 3 seconds to lift your heel, a 3 second hold, and 3 seconds to come back down.

If it’s initially too painful or difficult to perform on one leg, complete the exercise with the other foot supporting on the ground.

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