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Plantar Fasciitis the triggers:

The plantar fascia is like any tissue in the

body, it adapts to what you do or what you

don’t do with it; by getting stronger or weaker

depending on activity levels. Over time

tolerance to walking will drop if you don’t walk

and tolerance to running will improve if you

slowly start.

The old thinking was that plantar fasciitis is

caused by microtears causing acute healing

response. The healing response then fails.

This is regularly challenged by the science

and is thought to not be cause for plantar


PF may be driven by under-stimulation of the

tendon cell due to a lack of load transmission

through the collagen fibers. On the other end

of the spectrum a sharp increase in activity

can be causative. This could be standing for

longer periods than normal, sharp changes in

exercise levels, mainly impact activity like

running, doing to much to soon before the

plantar fascia and other soft tissues have

time to adapt, also not taking good recovery

periods between exercise session. It is show

in takes a tendon 48hrs to recover post

intense exercise. Therefore a clear day

between intense exercise (relative to you) is

necessary to allow good recovery. Following

a clearly marked out exercise plan is so

important with graded increases in exercise

levels and good recovery periods.

Against popular opinion there is a weak

association to standing foot posture and

hypermobility and plantar fasciitis, in other

words it’s not due to flat feet!

The Triggers.

I has been associated with immobility in the

ankle. This is one of the biggest physically

correlations in the research. Therefore it’s very

important to work on the range of motion in the

ankle. Normal dorsi flexion should be aimed

for, however this may not be achievable and

should be done under guidance from a

physical/ physiotherapist if there is pain on this


Measure the distance you can get your foot

away from the wall, with your heel planted aim

to get your knee to the wall. You should be

looking to achieve 8cm from toe to wall and be

able to touch with your knee, however

everyone is different and the most important

thing is that there is no different between left

and right sides.

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