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In a world where the foot is understimulated due to constant use of footwear, strengthening your feet is a must to stay pain free



Fasica Tissue Strength Training Device

The Plantar Pad is a product which allows you to do strengthening exercises for the foot and calf.

Its design places the plantar fascia under some tension while the muscles in the foot and calf work.

With the correct use, the exercises will strengthen your fascia tissue and reduce the pain in your foot.


The Windlass Mechanism

Applying high load training to the plantar fascia facilitates recovery, decreases pain, facilitates strengthening and improves function (Rathleff et al, 2014).

The Plantar Pad takes advantage of the Windlass Mechanism, which is a leverage on the plantar fascia which occurs when the toes are extended and the heel is raised; causing a tensile pull on the fascia, almost like an elongating stretch.

So what?! Well...this has been proven to reduce pain and improve the load tolerance/ strength of the plantar fascia. Therefore allowing you to walk, run or jump further with out causing pain.

Incorporate this into you workout plan and strengthen your feet for long term benefits which will speed up your recovery and prevent further injury... and it’s easy!!! So there’s no excuse, start your recovery/ prehab today!


Plantar Pad Heel Raises

Place the raised part of the Plantar Pad under your toes and place the ball of your foot on the flat surface.  With support from a wall push up to lift your heel, keeping the ball of the foot and toes pressed against the pad.  Take 3 seconds to lift your heel, a 3 second hold, and 3 seconds to come back down.

If it’s initially too painful or difficult to perform on one leg, complete the exercise with the other foot supporting on the ground.

Aim to complete 4 sets of 10 repetitions. This may not be achievable initially- do what you can, and build up as you feel comfortable.

Complete the exercise every other day for 6-12 weeks, depending on your symptoms.


Evidence Based Treatment

Dr Michael Rathleff, a Senior Researcher at the University of Aalborg in Denmark, demonstrated impressive results by applying a specific plantar fascia loading exercise with the use of a rolled up towel. The exercise involved the patient placing their big toe in an extended position to apply some “stretch” on the plantar fascia. Whilst remaining in this position, calf raises were then performed. This specific movement resulted in a load being applied to the plantar fascia. The progressive loading over at least twelve weeks was proven to strengthen the tissue and ultimately reduce pain.

The Plantar Pad has been developed to allow patients to consistently complete the strengthening exercise without the hassle of having to roll up a towel. The high-density foam has been shaped to form the most effective design to help target and strengthen your plantar fascia.

If you want to get on the road to eliminating your foot pain, purchase your very own Plantar Pad 


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It is generally advisable that high load strength training for Plantar Fasciitis be performed under the guidance of a health care professional. It is recommended that you consult your Physiotherapist or Podiatrist for guidance before starting any exercise programme. There is a possibility that this Plantar Pad may not cure your plantar fasciitis. However, it has been proven, when used alongside a physiotherapist or podiatrist, to help symptoms and foot function.

There is always a potential for longer lasting damage (such as stress fractures) if you have not been correctly diagnosed and consulted by a professional Podiatrist or Physiotherapist.  If you are experiencing moderate to serve pain in the heel, pain elsewhere in the foot or symptoms of pins and needles or numbness, seek a Podiatrist or Physiotherapist’s review before starting the programme.

This product is for single use only and should not be shared with others for health and hygiene purposes.

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